Your Story


How do you define SUCCESS?

Having enriched HAPPYNESS or Having a lot of MONEY or Having BOTH.

Have you wondered of making it there?

Have you given yourself a CHANCE to achieve both?

Have you ever made an effort to achieve both?

Have you ever achieved a feat in your lifetime which made you feel successful?

Do you ever wish that by doing simple metamorphosis of thoughts you can zoom up your perspective of making it there!

I am going to take you through these questions with exclusive answers to everything that is stopping you from believing in yourself. With a set of proven, out-of-the-box but simple methodologies that will clear your path.


10 years down in my career, I had a CLASSICAL thought,

‘I have read/seen a lot of stories built around me, now it is high time I “MAKE MY STORY”

If it was only about making things, living grand life with all the materialistic pleasures, it is possible by doing any simple job and grow through the process. Although to be an entrepreneur or to be the best in what you do, it takes a very strong compulsive ATTITUDE & PERSISTENCE through a process that is absolutely LIFE CHANGING.

By this, I am kicking off a series of blogs that will present effective habits and discipline you can incorporate in your daily lives, which will make ‘YOU’ believe in yourself and have strong desire to make an INCREDIBLY AWESOME LIFE in any part of the world. Some of these write-ups might have excerpts from my real life experiences and some instances will be borrowed, heard, experienced through insights I have gained from some outstandingly beautiful, happy and successful people I have met through these years.

This blog series is meant to be for up-coming entrepreneurs, budding college students, established business executives. The articles will be aimed at improving ‘YOU’ to make you a stronger, smarter, self-believing ‘YOU’. By reading the articles I post, I want you to feel pumped, every line & aspect will make you resonate within your body, mind, and soul to do something that changes your life, it will make you start your STORY, in a way, that you bring a change that’s worth changing a lot of peoples lives for good.

The real-life instances, management principles & case studies that I shall put forward, are meant to provide you with exceptional motivation to become a better ‘YOU’.

Always remember, ‘PASSION’ to serve comes first, ‘ATTITUDE’ towards passions defines your success and ‘PERSISTENCE takes you closer to your AIM. In the end, all the WORLDLY PLEASURES including MONEY will follow.