If you are an entrepreneur and you are dreaming of making it big. The primary human behavioral feature you should embed in yourself; is to build tremendous CONFIDENCE in what you do. Many of you must have gone through many books, blogs, real-life stories about increasing self-confidence to achieve some enormously positive life-changing results through your journey; I believe that the only way you can build path-breaking self-confidence is by developing a very strict adherence to SELF DISCIPLINE. It certainly means to stick to a well-documented PLAN; no matter what.

Some of the habits that highly successful people incorporate within themselves are to wake up early, meditate, exercise, have good breakfast and then eventually start to get going with your routine daily work, finally sleep early. These habits are easier to read and think but difficult to apply in our daily lifestyles but once you have mastered them, there will be an automatic shift towards success. Always remember ‘IT STARTS WITH YOU’

Build Self-Discipline & Clarity – Confidence is the fruit you will cherish forever ~ KC

There are 5 steps that I want you to understand for inducing absolute Self-discipline and achieve tremendous confidence.

1)    Always START SMALL & SLOW

–         Never exaggerate the plan of action

–         For e.g., If you are going to start running from tomorrow. Don’t run 10 miles the first day. Start slow & gradually grow.

2)    Push that EXTRA-MILE

–         Always make sure you put a little extra effort before stopping for the day.

–         For e.g., You started from 3 miles a day and have reached a pace of 10 miles a day in running every morning. It will be easier for a week but then you will start quitting at 7…, 8…., 9…. Miles. Please push that last mile every day. Never find reasons in your subconscious mind to stop before your goal is achieved.

–         REPETITION is the key.

3)    RISK IT

–         RISK it anyway, you will feel amazing once you have achieved it.

–         Clearly, understanding the risk of over or under the burdened plan of action does not matter, it is important to risk it.

–         For e.g., If you plan to wake up at 5 am every morning, please do!!!

4)    Correct Your MISTAKES

–         Always correct your mistakes. Believe me, there is no other confidence booster than being your own critic and correcting your own failures.

5)    CHOICE

–         You have made a choice to be SELF-DISCIPLINED. Stick to it!!!

Unwavering commitment, undeniable conviction, make yourself an unstoppable force by following a simple life-changing routine.

Do it once, Do it every day, Do it for yourself, Do it for your career, Do it for your growth, DO IT ANYWAYS!!!


Please keep reading my future blogs on making your-self disciplined with clear-cut methodologies

To your success, follow these simple steps & build your CONFIDENCE, Build your LIFE!

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Believing, Creating & accepting Change are the traits that I follow, I believe in myself & so should YOU!!! MAKE YOUR STORY worth REMEMBERING.


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